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What do those numbers mean?

Landing pages: These are the most common pages that visitors arrive on. Its the first page they see. Improvements to this page will have the most effect. Look at it afresh, how could it make more visitors buy/call/download ?

Usually the top result is something like “/ – 145”. This just refers to the home page of your website, and means that there were 145 visitors to the site at the home page address. Often your home page can be seen at more than one url eg and something like . In this case the one that ends “index.html” will be shown as a separate result from “/”


Referrers: This is a list of the sites your visitors were at just before they arrived at your site. They are sending you traffic. How can you get more traffic from them? Which sites are missing?


Keywords: The words or phrases most often used in search engines, in which your site appear in the results, near the top. Are there words missing you think will bring more traffic?

Often the top results are

  1. (not set)
  2. (not provided)

“not set” means Google could not capture the keywords used, and there can be a number of reasons for that. One likely source is that an older version of the GA code is being used on the site. A full list of reasons are here 

“not provided” happens when the user is signed in to a Google account, or using the Firefox  search bar for example, and the keywords are hidden from the  statistics by policies.