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Why optimise your website?

Google accounts for 44% of online sales

Google optimising your website is the most important thing to do for your website.

Not only are there more searches performed using Google (more than 76%), but most Google searches generate more sales per search.

Google accounted for more than 44% of all online sales, and thats not from their pay per click programme, but from people using the natural Google search to find products. Their nearest competitor Yahoo! only managed 17% of the sales.

Search engine optimisation is the ideal marketing tool. Costs are much less than comparable media, much faster to take effect and easier to measure.

SEO brings a flood of customers

Making the first page for your ecommerce website will bring you a flood of customers actively searching for the your products or services. There are very few circumstances where your website has value unless its visible to search engines. It may have ticked that box in your business plan, but its money down the drain unless it is contributing to your bottom line.

Of the people that use Google nearly 80% go to the first five listings on page one of search results. Those are the results that are visible without scrolling the page, further to that only 25% will go up to three pages and 10% will look at up to 5 pages.

What about the time and cost of optimising?

But what if you don’t have the time it takes to make the top of the search rankings especially Google?

It is certainly true that it takes time, but once you have a good position, typically it becomes easier to hold the spot and asking eCommWeb to optimise your site is the most cost effective use you can make of your time. However there are some sites that we can’t help, if you fall into any of the categories below,

  • domain is on a free hosting service
  • you are using multiple gateway pages to direct people to a single domain
  • website has a Flash entrance page
  • entire website is built in Flash
  • website is built with Frames
  • adult websites
  • illegal enterpises of any sort
  • non-English sites